Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

County Seat - Port Townsend, WA - Dave Stanko, Sheriff

March 13, 2017 through March 20, 2017 the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office responded to 317 calls for service. A breakdown of some of these calls for service are as follows:

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Incident Type
Number of Incidents

Total: 317

Press Log: Weeks 3-13-2017 through 3-13-2017          Monday, March 20, 2017

Det. Joe Nole #19
Desk 360-344-9747

The above incidents are not all encompassing
and represent a portion of incidents the JCSO has responded to

3/16/2017 @ 9:43 pm, Incident #2017-2830

The Sheriff’s Office received a report of activated marine flares being observed over the water somewhere between the Port Townsend ferry dock and Whidbey Island. Per the United States Coast Guard they had received over 12 reports of flare sightings from Tacoma to Victoria B.C. and out to Neah Bay. Coast Guard believed the reported sightings were meteors.

3/17/2017 @ 10:38 am, Incident #2017-2851

Deputies responded to a Port Hadlock business parking lot for a welfare check concerning a woman, possibly on drugs, asleep in a running car. The woman, who appeared asleep, was seated in her car with the vehicle running and in park, and her foot rested on the brake pedal. It was only after numerous attempts that the deputy was able to wake the woman. The woman’s physical condition led the deputy to believe she was under the influence of drugs. After failing field sobriety tests and providing a portable breath test result of 0.00 the woman was arrested for DUI.

3/17/2017 @ 22:36 pm, Incident #2017-2885

Deputies responded to the Horseshoe Lake area to a report of an individual being ran over by a vehicle. A group of six individuals was contacted and deputies were told that one of them had been ran over after their vehicle became high centered in some heavy brush. Per the reporting party, after the vehicle became stuck they were attempting to free it by rocking it back and forth, with the car in gear, when they heard screaming and discovered that a person in their party was trapped under the vehicle. The group was able to free the individual, who was later transported by aid personnel to Harrison Hospital. A preliminary evaluation by on scene paramedics indicated that the victim had suffered broken bones. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI and vehicular assault.

3/18/2017 @ 4:41 pm, Incident #2017-2909

The Sheriff’s Office received a report of a boat fire at a private dock in the Pleasant Harbor area. A deputy responded and learned that the fire was started when an iron that had been placed on the engine block to keep it warm had fallen onto the alternator positive lead wire and shorted the wiring, causing it to catch fire, nearly igniting the wooden frame. Brinnon and Quilcene fire responded to the scene and extinguished the fire.

3/19/2017 @ 3:28 am, Incident #2017-2921

A Sheriff’s deputy responded to the Port Hadlock QFC for a report of an adult female attempting to pass a counterfeit $100.00 dollar bill. The clerk refused to accept the fake bill and the female departed the store. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect.

3/20/2017 @ 3:04 am, Incident #2017-2955

The Sheriff’s Office received a report of an adult male being bit by a feral cat. The victim reported that a feral cat had gotten into his house and had bitten him, and that he (the victim) would be going to a doctor in the morning.

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