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Deputy Derek Allen was patrolling in Brinnon. He was driving in the area of Schoolhouse Rd and Dosewallips when saw a small Dodge truck being driven by a male later identified as Glen Jones of Brinnon. Deputy Allen observed a minor traffic violation and tried to pull the vehicle over. When Deputy Allen turned on his emergency lights Jones sped away. Jones drove onto the shoulder and made an abrupt U-turn. Jones drove back towards Deputy Allen and crossed into Deputy Allen’s lane of travel and drove towards him. Deputy Allen made and evasive maneuver to get out of Jones path and avoid being struck head on.

Deputy Allen made a U-turn to pursue Jones and Jones turned around again to chase the Deputy. Finally Deputy Allen stopped at Schoolhouse Rd and Dosewallips Rd and the suspect attempted one last time to run into the deputy’s vehicle. Deputy Allen in an effort to stop the aggressive driving drove his patrol car into the right side of Jones car. This prevented the vehicle from continuing further. Jones armed himself with a claw hammer and got out of his car. Jones charged Deputy Allen and Deputy Allen deployed his Taser twice striking Jones. The Taser had no effect.

Jones still holding the hammer made an attempt to get into patrol car through the open driver’s door. Deputy Allen then ran up and tackled Jones. The two fought for several minutes during which time Jones continued to hold the hammer in his hand.

Because Deputy Allen was in the southern part of the county it took about 19 minutes for assisting deputies and troopers from the WSP arrived to help him.

The suspect was taken to Jefferson Hospital in Port Townsend where he was cleared for booking at the Jefferson County Jail.

Deputy Allen sustained minor injuries.

The case was submitted to the Jefferson County Prosecutors Office for consideration of charges.

During the time Deputy Allen was trying to take Jones into custody he saw several witnessed in the area. These witnesses pulled up to his location while he was in the roadway and stopped. The witnesses either turned around and drove away or maneuvered around his patrol vehicle and continued. The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone who witnessed the incident contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. The point of contact is Detective Brett Anglin 360-344-9732.

01-29-2017 @ 12:03 pm Incident # 2017-0960

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